A walking road-trip through Vietnam in 113 days

from south to north vietnam by walking

Walking through Vietnam 113 days, the boy only had to withdraw his wallet 100,000 VND
Bringing one million dong walking from Saigon to Ha Giang, Ho Nhat Ha only had to use one-tenth of that to rent a homestay for two days.

Born and raised in the mountainous district of Son Thanh, Phu Yen, Ho Nhat Ha currently works and lives in Ho Chi Minh City. The boy born in 1987 impressed the person opposite by strong black skin, small physique and bright smile. Hidden in that appearance is an artist’s soul and “crazy” ideas.

More than a year ago, Nhat Ha set a plan to walk through Vietnam without bringing along money despite her family’s disapproval. He started by moving jobs from a fixed place to online jobs then exercised physical strength and survival skills by walking Go Vap – Binh Duong, climbing the mountain to sleep on Ba Den Mountain …

To earn money to cover expenses on the road, Nhat Ha takes advantage of his ability to sing and compose music, because he studied music at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Culture.

Let start the journey!

October 18, 2017, with 3 sets of clothes, 20 dry bars, army hammocks, medicine and a guitar, Ho Nhat Ha comes from the Independence Palace straight towards the beginning of the country. “For me, this is a trip that marks the age of 30 because the birthday is November 20), Ha said. According to the plan, he will not carry money. But beware of uncertainty, not even reaching the destination, can buy the return ticket, he left a million in ATM card.

Every day, Ha walks 30 km on average, usually from 7am to 6pm. From Dong Hoi, he accelerated 35-40 km / day to catch up with Tet with his family. He chose to eat bread or noodles to save costs. By composing an improvised song on demand and performing, Ho Nhat Ha never counted the total amount of money earned or people on the road, but estimated at several millions.

The only time he had to withdraw money from an ATM card to “rescue” was in Quang Ngai. “That evening I planned to sing to make money because I burnt a bag. But a sister in Quang Ngai recommended by my friend was very enthusiastic to meet to take a tour so I could not refuse. I came back, I had to withdraw 100,000 VND, rent a homestay to sleep, “he recalls.

Sleeping at night outside without knowing survival skills is very dangerous

Because clothes are somewhat crumpled because of the road, I have a bag in front of the back pocket and put on me, Ha has many times been thought to be bum, madman … However, many times, Ha has to have a hammock in a poplar forest, between a market, a deserted house, a building under construction … to stay overnight. The time he remembers the most was when he came to a rural market in Binh Dinh, it was raining heavily, so he was always there to sleep. Furniture put all in the hammock and then rolled back in a hammock.

from south to north vietnam by walking

“If I could sleep for a while, I could hear motorbikes roaring into the market, they sang, danced and played drugs. At that time, I had only the phone I had the most value. There is nothing to be afraid of. ” However, after a while, the group of young people also went away, Ha only slept and slept until 4am and packed things because the market opened early.

According to Ha, sleeping at night outside without knowing survival skills is very dangerous. Avoiding hypothermia is the most important thing. Therefore, in his luggage he also brought a piece of paper to hold the heat, though thin but very useful. Walking continuously, the weather changes from hot sun to cold rain but Mr. Ha does not have to take any pills for 113 days, over 2,300 km, 26 provinces and cities. Even ending his journey, his weight increased from 48 to 51 kg.

Strong belief is proven

Ha said he was passionate about jogging since sitting in the school chair. Before the journey through Vietnam, he never traveled farther than Saigon – Phu Yen, his hometown.

But then he was determined to implement the plan also to want to verify 3 things: Do Vietnamese still love each other lovingly or are they unconscious? Can a person make a dream right away without starting a lot of money? Will I have the mental strength to overcome challenges and what will I learn after the trip?

from south to north vietnam by walking

Answer Ho Nhat Ha has even when the trip is not finished. That is the belief in the sincerity, mutual affection of Vietnamese people, because Nhat Ha herself has received the help of everyone on the journey. Whenever he was most difficult, he reminded himself three steps to overcome: Helping himself, everyone helped me, heaven and earth helped me.

Because smiles will help you connect with people in unfamiliar places…

“But remember that only when I try my best to step one, will the next two steps appear. Life always has miraculous things. I myself have experienced many wonderful things in the journey so I believe That “, Ha recalls. He half jokingly said that if you do not know how to smile, you should not go to Vietnam. Because smiles will help you connect with people in unfamiliar places, they can help you when encountering some difficult situation.

“There are times when I’m not in a good mood, I have to practice laughing and greeting people when I step into a new land, that’s a must. The smile helps me overcome the most difficult times. But laughing at myself, at that time I felt the spirit to overcome the challenge.”


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