Dong Tam Snake Farm


Dong Tam Snake Farm in Tien Giang, also known as the Logistics department military zone 9, located on the banks of the Tien River. The famous farm covers an area of tens of hectares having airy green space. This is one of the largest snake farms in Vietnam with many different snake species. It is considered the first museum of snakes in our country, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, to find for understanding and studying.

Dong Tam Snake Farm features

The purpose of the Dong Tam snake farm is to raise the serpent for the venom to produce serum, combined with growing medicinal plants and preserve other wildlife such as crocodile, turtle, bear, wildcat. This is also a place to treat snakebite which is very effective for people in the Mekong Delta and neighboring provinces.

– During the war, our army was bitten by the snakes a lot, so they had to form a poisonous snake bite treatment team in 1977. By 1998, the Ministry of Defense decided to set up emergency and treatment facilities to treat the poisonous snake bite. Since then, the Dong Tam snake farm Military zone 9 was born.

– In the past until 2008, Dong Tam snake farm treated 800 cases a year. From 2009 to now, the average treatment case is about 1,000 cases per year. Patients come here for snakebite treatment, most are exempted from hospital fees thanks to the poor policy support.

Dong Tam Snake Farm traveling

Dong Tam Snake Farm has thousands of snake individuals to admire, from non-poisonous snakes to extremely poisonous snakes. Snakes are raised in three areas suitable for each species:

– Snake farm in the lake style: surrounding the area is a high wall, with one door. Inside, the bottom of the lake is about 30-40cm deep, filled with full of water. In the middle of the lake is the small island, there are some tall trees as high as the lake wall. On the tree, there are snakes entwining into a cluster. This area cultivates typical snakes such as grass-snakes.

– The venomous snake raising area: it is home for many venomous especially the cobra, which is ranked E in the Red Book of Vietnam. They are housed in separate cages, inside the cage people simulates burrows for shelter, the outside is carefully shielded just enough for the viewer to watch the snake without danger.

– The python raising area at Dong Tam snake farm is located in a cage house with a roof cover. Inside the house are rows of iron cages, with wooden floor. Each cage is fit for a separate python curled up with massive sizes which are both scary and funny. The fun thing is that the python curled up in the large flower pot instead of lying on the wood floor, showing the unique pattern. The pythons seem to be silent, except when being fed.

To feed these snakes and pythons, particularly the dangerous snakes, it is a feat and is dangerous. The staff at the Dong Tam snake farm must be very careful, light and slow to keep the snake from bitting when they are hungry.

– If you come to the right time, you can see the experts taking snake venom to produce drugs, or see snakes reproduce in captivity situation. In addition, Dong Tam Snake Farm also has a museum, which houses more than 50 specimens of rare snakes.

Especially, visiting Dong Tam snake farm, visitors also have the opportunity to take pictures with a few pythons wrapping around people. Although python has been trained and very gentle, for those who try it for the first time, they can feel the fear and excitement at the same time!

The world of snakes is always mysterious, but in the imagination of most of us is very dangerous, can not come close. However, when you come to Dong Tam snake farm in Tien Giang province, you will have different thoughts, because there are still many serpent species aren’t poisonous ones. Furthermore, although they are very toxic if you know how to exploit the snakes, they will bring great benefits to people.

* Dong Tam snake farm price ticket: 25,000 VND / adult – 15,000 VND / child

– Telephone number of Dong Tam Snake Farm Tien Giang: (073) 3853.204 – 3853.205.


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