Human of Da Lat: the reason why I love Dalat


Da Lat is a green space. The color of pine hills, lawn, sky skin, water… is all blue. Green gives people vitality, love and hope. Blue makes people feel peaceful and calm.

The cool climate also affects people physically. Dalat’s climate is favorable for girls and children, so they have a strong, healthy appearance, rosy cheeks, especially the frosty days of cherry blossom season. The beauty of the young woman in Da Lat is beautiful, healthy, pure, without any powdery color, deep and discreet beauty, shy but very confident.

The gentleness and friendliness in Da Lat people make an attractive Dalat

human of dalat

Living in a quiet natural year-round environment, a cool climate, great fluctuations in the war are almost all echoes, do not directly affect and disturb the very peaceful life of a highland area. Originally, the Da Lat people were gentle, honest, and soon adapted to integrate into the living environment. From the houses with the green vegetable garden to the winding roads hidden behind the mountains, the lovely villas are hidden under the pine trees, the natural beauty of Xuan Huong Lake is located in the heart of the city… all show harmony between true people and beautiful natural landscapes.

If Da Lat nature has “given this person joy, the other is cool” (Dat Aliis Laetitiam Aliis Temperiem) then that nature has contributed to the grace of the people.

The people of Da Lat are elegantly capitalized to boost the beauty of a city
The Da Lat people have been deeply influenced by the cultural identity and Eastern spiritual life soon to be exposed and influenced by the modern Western civilization. The harmonious handling of traditional cultural elements and modern civilizations was present in the style of Da Lat people. Since then, developing high spiritual hobbies such as flowers, ornamental plants, orchids … are very rich and diverse.

In the 60s, Dalat was an important art exchange center. It has witnessed the secluded, joyful life of many generations of artists coming here to find peace of mind and inspiration.

Bus stations and market places are two hot spots that reflect the highest concentration and lifestyle of a local resident. Although there are still many things to discuss about the characteristics and ways of living and serving of those two hotspots, everyone acknowledges that Da Lat bus station is quiet, orderly, Da Lat market small business always has the attitude Be courteous and happy with customers.

Openness and hospitality are invaluable traits of Da Lat people

Da Lat is a tourist center, resort, service profession has a source of living from guests, so hospitality is no longer a sentiment but becomes a living thing. This beauty is easy to see in the sales sisters who offer warm, gentle, respectful guests, without challenging languages. Customer servants have no attitude of bullying, slandering customers. The people of Da Lat have a sympathetic look, not being sarcastic, selfishless and willing to help others.

human of dalat

Leaving the hometown to start the career in the wild, unspoilt mountain land of over half a century ago, the first residents of Da Lat wished to receive more and more of their fellow citizens from all parts of the country come to this healthy land, live in settlements. Gradually, they have created hamlets, established villages and erased the sadness of the country which contributes to promote the community’s strength to exploit wild land and protect the natural environment.

This is an important premise and foundation to create solidarity among groups of people from different regions coming here to explain why Da Lat people have many different origins, customs and practices and different religions and beliefs … without any prejudice, discrimination, living in solidarity, interrelationships in the homeland, fellow people …


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