The first road-trip around the world with motorbike of a Vietnamese


“I often think about going from one country to another, wherever I like and I have to fulfill my dream,” Khoa decided.

It has been more than 500 days since Tran Dang Dang Khoa said goodbye to his family in Tien Giang to start his journey around the world by motorcycle. His original plan was to last for around 2 years but he is not sure of the final finishing time.

Before the trip of life

With Dang Khoa “the trip does not date on” means allowing yourself to freely adventure around, country after country. Because the world was so big, he was afraid there would be no chance later.


When I knew Khoa went around the world by motorbike, many people called it “crazy, unimaginable”. “If he dreams of a dream, to see how far he has to go and has to go back,” he often doesn’t comment on reading the same thing. Few know that, Khoa spent more than 20 years to nurture dreams and prepare for a trip to life.

Since 2009, Khoa started traveling with friends, thereby training many important skills such as driving in bad weather, repairing cars, handling accidents, preparing papers. After traveling through Vietnam in New Year 2015 with motorcycles, Khoa continued his motorbike journey through 7 Southeast Asian countries. This is an important turning point for the big trip two years later.

“I’ve had to move my departure many times after careful consideration, you should only start when you’re really ready,” he recalls. Even at the time of departure (June 1, 2017), Khoa thought that it was not the best option, because according to the itinerary, he would experience the summit of summer in Iran, Pakistan and the winter peak in Europe. European cold. However, he did not allow himself to move the trip any further.

The luggage of the big trip

Khoa’s “companion” on the round-the-world trip is the 2008 Wave car. Many people recommend changing new cars but Khoa refused. “This is the first car I bought, with me going through many ups and downs and no matter what happened, it still took me to safety.” The boy born in 1987 said he spent more than 11 million VND to upgrade spare parts and repair machines.

The biggest difficulty in the preparation process of the Faculty is visa and international motorbike passport (Carnet De Passage). The dream seemed to be abandoned because Vietnam could not grant this kind of paper. Khoa then came to the support of his friends and suddenly received a nod from Malaysian authorities before the 2017 Lunar New Year.

Dang Khoa sprinted for all the remaining papers for 2 months. Previously, Khoa was supported to apply for a European visa to allow entry and exit many times in 2 years.

With an Indian visa, the Faculty comes directly to the Consulate General of this country. Initially, the staff here was quite surprised because he did not have a flight ticket, hotel … booked in advance. But with his seriousness and determination, Khoa received consent from the Indian consulate. Similarly, Dang Khoa’s application process for Pakistan visa also received enthusiastic help from the Counselor of this country.

Some other Asian countries like Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey … allow e-visa registration (electronic visas). Khoa also plans to apply for a “rolling” visa to ensure a smooth journey: applying for an Iran visa from Pakistan, applying for a visa to Argentina and South American countries from France.

Prior to the trip, Khoa estimated the total cost of about 45,000 USD (about one billion dong). If not funded, he will cut costs.

“Sometimes I think it is a risk, I only know how to fix the wheel, change the spark plug, disassemble the rearview mirror and … wash the car, that’s okay. Every time there is a problem, I have to message via Facebook, thanks to the support of a friend at home “, Khoa shared.

The first stage conquering the world

On the first day, Khoa followed the direction of Moc Bai border to Phnom Penh (Cambodia). Previously, Dang Khoa visited many neighboring countries. He decided to go directly to Phnom Penh, via Kampong Cham, Pursat and Battambang to reach Poipet border gate to Thailand. Right here, Khoa had to carry out procedures at a cost of 12 million dong, equal to the value of the motorbike to bring the car into Thai soil.

According to the schedule, Tran Dang Dang Khoa flew to Nepal (to catch up on visa) and then went to India – Pakistan – Iran – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Bulgaria – Greece – Albania – Montenegro – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Croatia – Italy – Switzerland – Lichtenstein – Austria – Germany – Luxembourg – France.

From Paris Khoa to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, to Denmark then to Hamburg port to ship procedures and fly to Chile. Then he started his journey to explore America. He is expected to travel to Australia, to Southeast Asia and end his journey in Vietnam.

“There have been many people traveling around the world by motorbike, from Europeans to Southeast Asians. And now, perhaps it is the time of Vietnamese people. Please pursue and fight for your dreams. I and what I believe is right Do not give up, because I only live once” Tran Dang Dang Khoa said why he left.

Tran Dang Dang Khoa was the first Vietnamese to make the journey around the world by motorbike.


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