The journey of will through Vietnam of a university student


With the will to be forged on the roads of the country, Tran Manh Cuong (Nam Dinh, a K53 student of Hanoi Foreign Trade University) made a trip through Vietnam.

The journey of will

We (Labor newspaper Team) met Cuong when his cross-country trip came to Da Nang, nearly 30 days after departing from the gate of Hanoi Foreign Trade University and planned to finish at the gate of the University of Foreign Trade, Ho Chi Minh city.

“Everyone, at some point of life, is not persistent, not passionate enough, or can accept to let go of their ambitions. And this trip is for me to train my will” Cuong said of the purpose of the trip.

The journey of will through Vietnam of a university student
When he told his family about the trip, he said, his parents were very worried but did not stop him. His said that it is better to choose a safer way to travel cross Vietnam. But he is determined that walking is the only way to try our resilience.

On Cuong’s shirts worn during the trip, the words “Will is power” are printed behind his back. In front of the shirt is the image of two fists, one big and small with the message “Put faith in the young generation”, the younger generation will continue and develop the good traditional values ​​of his father.

The journey starts in the rainy season. Severe sunny days in Quang Tri or heavy rains throughout the highway, sometimes exhaust Cuong. At such times, the image of family and friends is a great motivation for him to keep going.

In the first days, when you are not used to the intensity, your feet are burning, swollen and swollen. “To keep going, I bundled the wound with two layers of tight cloth and added a layer of sock to keep the toes and burn area from getting worse. Just go to the provinces with the sea, to enlist in the foot soaked water, that’s how I relax after many days of road.” said Cuong.

Youth must live a meaningful life

Cuong said: “Everyone has a journey for themselves. When I was young, I tried to make the journey more brilliant and meaningful. Expanding your tolerance limit with the will of yourself, every effort will be successful. ”

Every day he receives difficulties along the way with his mind ready to overcome. Above all, the help from good strangers makes his walking journey more meaningful. “I really like the people who helped me during the trip. In the future, when I encounter challenges in life, as well as work, I will remember this trip to remind myself that, as such difficulties, I still have to go through this challenge, definitely not giving up ”Cuong said.

Before the trip, Cuong taught English to university students and working people in Hanoi. The Nam Dinh boy was in love with the profession and became loving it. When he saw the small progress of the students, he took it as a pleasure for himself. Cuong always encourages his students to persevere and strive to succeed in life. Myself just progressing more than himself yesterday was a good thing.

“Each step is small but it moves forward, many steps make up the journey. As long as the will to make yourself always try, every achievement is remarkable. In this study or work, my students are not only learning knowledge but also being motivated to pursue their dreams, ”he said.

The journey of will through Vietnam of a university student

Da Nang bid farewell to the boy with heavy rain. The backpack had broken two straps that rested against the back, making Cuong’s foot heavy. But that did not stop the legs from reaching the destination. At present, he still has more than 2 months with many new difficulties and challenges for the journey through Vietnam. We hope the boy “soft rock hard” to complete the arduous journey but this meaning.


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